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Many businesses begin to fail when they start to grow.

Success means increasingly challenging management, finance and staffing issues. You started your business because you are an expert at what you do, these days you may feel you are doing less of what you love, while tackling a mounting set of time-sapping management issues.

If you are drowning in the details of managing what used to be your passion, consulting a professional business advisor can be a refreshing, liberating and ultimately profitable turning point. Even the smallest business can be aligned to business best practice freeing staff and management to do what they do best.
While you built your business with passion and hard work, ongoing success requires strong vision, firm management, logical processes and systems that allow continuous oversight.

Struggling SMEs typically have
three challenges:



Developing a strategic vision that clearly describes the competitor environment, identifies the company’s strengths and weaknesses and defines opportunities and threats is a tremendously valuable process. A clear, disciplined strategic document drives the growth and sustainability of even the smallest business for years to come.



Limited cash flow is the single reason most SMEs fail. Get a bird’s eye view of the financial flows of your business and clarify where your cash is going and what your debtors are costing you. Redesigning the financial systems and implementing sound management is an opportunity to shave expenses, limit exposure and manage debt.



Staffing is a SME’s greatest expense. It is however not always possible to be objective when evaluating staff who have been with the business from the start – often these individuals are also family. By consulting an independent advisor, owners are empowered to make hard choices in order to maximise the value and input from personnel.

Talk it Through with a
trusted advisor

From a career mastering all segments of the commercial business chain, James brings a deep understanding of the critical elements at play in business, from greenfield , small business through to mid-tier rapid growth companies

For almost a decade as a senior executive in the global (people performance) company Drake Beam Morin – including Managing Director – James faced the challenges of a managing a diversified team of 140 multi-talented staff within 8 businesses across a national platform.

James was responsible for establishing the first industry based “Money Matters” program in conjunction with AXA and navigated the company through 3 mergers over a turbulent 4 year period, while maintaining an attrition rate of less than 2%.

For over 5 years James was a Chair for the world’s largest and most successful CEO think tank membership organisation, where approximately 1000 CEO members deal with issues of vision, strategy, and execution to achieve the vision of the CEO.

Currently James is involved in working with a range of businesses from Board and CEO to General Management and mid tier management in the rewarding fields of Coaching, Business Strategy & Execution and Sustained Growth.

Defining and articulating his goals around a strong strategic plan, James attracts stakeholders – with a special focus on people – who have the skills, passion and ability to make a difference. Working on the basis that the achievement of a corporate vision requires great execution that itself is dependent on two factors:

1) A strong culture with robust systems and processes

2) Alignment to culture with individuals working collectively to the same end

Consulting with James allows business owners to develop an objective view of their business. The process yields a clear strategy, desired organisational structure and clear-cut development and financial goals.
Free up time to focus on your expertise, and feel secure that you have the best operational systems and staff in place; it starts with a simple phone call. James’s advice has transformed a number of businesses, and he is certain to add immense value to yours.

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